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Dese Design Architecture Offers

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Dese Design and Construction offers an exclusive service in planning and construction.

  • Individual design consultation
  • Drawings of all types
  • Construction regulations and building permission
  • Certification to earthquake standards 
  • Quality certificates and supervision of construction
  • Calculations based on actual measurements
  • Design of water supply systems

We are;

  • A team of architects, engineers and constructors
  • For the last 25 years, mainly in Europe, we have been active in the business of planning and construction
  • We have salesmen in different branches of international business
  • A group of wide-ranging, independent but cooperatively-linked businessmen.

We offer;

  • Designs and projects for homes and apartments
  • Construction regulations and building permission
  • Plots for individual homes and villas
  • Buying and selling, renting and leasing
  • Complete services for your property
  • Exclusive partner in Germany for insulation.

We are able to;

  • Design and build your dream home based on your own ideas
  • Built to 'key-ready' or whichever stage you wish
  • Building based on experienced construction technology with stones and concrete or on modern, ecological framework construction using wood
  • Restore and renovate your historical building
  • Modernize your home to high levels of summer and winter insulation.