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The Culture and Travel Portal | Alaturka.Info™

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alaturka-portalFounded in 2004, Alaturka.Info™ Portal covers travel destinations, journey, culture, history, culinary, real estate, health and beauty, sports and lives in Turkey. It focuses especially on cultural events in regions.

Alaturka.Info™ culture and information portal offers information about Turkey, which is important for foreigners and native people, in Turkish, English and German languages.

Currently, 42 percent of all visitors are the local users of Alaturka.Info™ portal. We think that this is due to the fact that interest on travel is on the rise.
However, the interest on the cultural and multi-layered of Little Asia also plays an important role. Currently, 5.000 – 10.000 visitors connect to our site on-line every day, and these visitors exhibit an active interest to what is going on at Alaturka.Info™ portal (2010 year numbers: 2.965.316 individual visitors).

With the number of visitors at Alaturka.Info™ portal increasing each day, the requirements for new content, new articles for natives and holiday-makers and new cultural, art and sporting activities also increase as well. Therefore, we decided to expand the portal by travelling to new cultural locations which were under-recognized until today, preparing and publishing new content and subjects which contributes to cultural intimacy of individuals and societies.

In order to expand the contents, 12 renowned, international level authors are making contributions.

In addition to Alaturka.Info portal, which is aware of creating awareness with its contributions to community and environment, we also responded to wishes of many of our readers who wanted a "printed" publication in their hands and started to publish Alaturka Journal® culture and travel magazine in 2009. Our principle about three different languages also applies here; and naturally the main distribution is in Turkey and it is prepared for Turkish enthusiasts. However, the number of subscribers in European countries is continually rising.

Please accompany us on this virtual trip to Turkey and experience a country which has been shaped and moulded by some thousand years of history.

Your team of Alaturka.Info™