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Culture and Travel Magazine | Alaturka Journal ®

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journal-9Founded in 2009, Alaturka Journal Magazine concentrates on destinations, archaeology, cultures, civilizations and history of Asia Minor.

The magazine is a biannual journal based in Turkey and provides information in three languages; Turkish, English and German. It has national and international distribution.

Page number and size: 100 Pages 19x27cm
Publication language: Turkish, English, German
Publication type: Regional Culture and Travel Magazine
Price by retail: Turkey: 10 TL • Europa: 6 €

Alaturka Journal Culture and Travel publication target

We would like to share with you the beauty of what Turkey has to offer which we have enjoyed so much over the years. We at the “Alaturka.Info Team" hope that this magazine will be a helpful guide for you and we will try in future Issues to give you as much information as possible on various topics.

Sometimes the beauty is right in front of your eyes, you just need to learn how to find it.

Alaturka.Info™ Team